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"There's nothing worse than the feeling of wishing you had another chance at a play because you weren't ready. Every athlete has those feelings to mull over, and over and over ... Don't even expose yourself to the possibility to being caught off-guard."

Karch Kiraly

"Adversity, if you allow it to, will fortify you and make you the best you can be."

Kerri Walsh Jennings


For most orders we aim to have the products finished with the customization process within 2 weeks so we can have them shipped out within 3 weeks.

All team store items are not eligible for returns unless there was an error on our side like a customization error, wrong size shipped out, or wrong product shipped out. In those cases we will allow exchanges to be made so you may get the correct item(s) you ordered.

The last day this Team Store has not yet been determined. If there's a countdown timer at the top of the page it will show how long until the store is likely closed.

Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the United States on orders over $70. Some products ship from different parts of the country so we can't offer everyone free shipping for this reason, however we do try our best to keep shipping prices as low as possible for those who don't meet the Free Shipping requirement!