Tons of sports fans with all of their hands in the air as they celebrate the events that they are watching unfold on the field Tons of sports fans with all of their hands in the air as they celebrate the events that they are watching unfold on the field

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Experience the unrivaled world of Upstacles Team Stores, where you'll discover an extensive array of top-notch custom apparel options crafted exclusively for your team's distinct requirements. Seamlessly navigate our user-friendly online ordering process, complemented by unmatched quality that doesn't compromise on affordability. As dedicated coaches seeking to outfit your team and supporters with quality apparel/gear, our Team Stores offer an exclusive solution. Embark on a journey of excellence and explore the realm of Upstacles Team Stores to unlock the true potential of your team’s online store.

Bulk Orders

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At Upstacles, we understand the diverse needs of teams and companies, which is why we proudly offer custom bulk apparel orders tailored to suit your unique requirements, regardless of size. Whether you're outfitting a formidable team, organizing a memorable event, or simply seeking customized company shirts, we deliver high-quality apparel that surpasses expectations. Explore our comprehensive bulk order options to learn how we can assist you in achieving your goals. Click below to discover more.

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Simple, to request a exchange or refund you can start by making your way to the footer of the page or click here. From there, put in your order number and email/phone to get to the correct page to get started. After you have requested an exchange or refund, we will review your request and once it has been approved, we will send you the address to ship it to and depending on the conditions, a label to ship the product free of charge to you. Once we've received the item(s) and have double checked the item(s) and have confirmed that the exchange or refund can go through, we will initiate a refund or ship out the desired exchange product to you.

If you are having any issues or need help, reach out to us at and either myself or someone from our support team will assist you with your exchange or refund.

Depending on the product and materials, we will use the types below:

1. Embroidery - On some of our more premium items, we will use embroidery to physically stitch the logo/design into the garment so it will last and be very durable.

2. Screen Printing - When ordering in large quantities Screen Printing is suggested for ease of use and affordability. At this time we only do Screen Printing on larger quantity Bulk Apparel Orders.

3. Heat Transfer - On any items that aren't using Embroidery or Screen Printing, we will use Heat Transfers, which transfers the design to the top of the garment. It will not last as long as embroidery, however, it's still very durable and more reliable then screen printing, with no cracking or fading, even after 70+ washes. Plus, it works on almost any garment. This is what we use most of the time on Team Stores and have spent tons of effort and time to make sure we use only the best ones available today!

Click here to be brought to our team store info page, you can learn more here. You can also scroll down to the bottom and team store specific FAQs will be available to view

To answer this question truthfully, it depends on a variety of factors. Below, we will narrow it down for you:

On average, we plan to have our team store products shipped out within 7-10 business days. Rarely should your order take longer than that (unless it's a bulk order, embroidered item, or an item on backorder). At most, expect your order to take 15-20 business days to be shipped out. Unless it's a bulk apparel order then times may vary depending on quantity, complexity, etc.

The reason for these times is we still need to customize the items in each order. Once we have finished the customization process, we will ship out the order. If you have any questions on your order or would like an update on the status you can send an email and either me or a member from our team will assist you.

If you have a question that isn't answered in our FAQ's then you can contact us by doing either of the following:

1) Contact us via our contact page

2) Email me directly at: and either me or a member from our support team will do our best to assist you.