Team Shop - Belton Pirates Wrestling

“There’s always ways of motivating yourself to higher levels. Write about it, dream about it. But after that, turn it into action. Don’t just dream.”

Dan Gable

"I love the sport of wrestling because it's a testament to your will and what you're capable of as a man (or woman)."

Jordan Burroughs

“A lot of my intensity in wrestling was due to my mental preparation before the matches. I got myself into a different world.”

Dan Gable



At Upstacles we focus on bringing Premium Quality to you. We ensure our products are Premium Quality by either manufacturing ourselves or if we don't manufacture ourselves we continuously quality test each potential product. This process ensures each item is great quality and not just a cheap t-shirt that we print on like SO MANY other companies do. We prefer to instead be different and offer amazing shirts that bring standout print quality to each and every customer like you!

In most cases the difference is in the material. Most supporters prioritize comfort over sport capabilities while coaches and players usually prefer more moisture-wicking and better sport management in their products. All items are available for anyone to purchase as long as they're in stock. If you're a supporter and want to order a coaches or wrestler item, go for it, we don't limit products to only those groups. It's simply just a recommendation.

For most if not all Team Store orders we aim to have the products finished with the customization process within 2 weeks so we can have them shipped to you within 3 weeks. However we aim to have them shipped to you much sooner!

All team store items are not eligible for returns unless there was an error on our side like a customization error, wrong size shipped out, or wrong product shipped out. In those cases we will allow exchanges to be made so you may get the correct item(s) you ordered. In these cases we may also decide to just issue a refund.

Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the United States or Canada and we wouldn't want it any other way! We enjoy helping you SAVE, and we understand the frustration of seeing $19.99 and you end up having to pay more like $29.99 after shipping and we don't want that for anyone especially if you're just trying to support or represent your team.

We don't close any team stores until either that sports season has finished or the coach asks us to close it, which can be done for multiple reasons. Such as to focus on a fundraiser, to encourage people to purchase at the beginning of the season, etc. We were founded on the belief that anyone should be able to show their support for your team without needing to meet a strict timeline that often ends only a few weeks into the season. This is why we give coaches the option to have their store open until the end of the season if they would prefer.